Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans (Whole Bean & Ground)

We have two world class Kopi Luwak brands available, either in Whole Bean or Ground Beans. Both use the same top quality Kopi Luwak coffee beans sourced ethically from wild & free Asian Palm Civet's from Indonesia.

Shangri-La Coffee™ is our ultra high end classy black and gold brand. A must for the discerning coffee lover.

Monkey Business Coffee™ is our fun and playful brand. Featuring a cheeky monkey and colourful packaging. This brand is fantastic as a fun gift for a coffee lover, and features the same top quality Kopi Luwak coffee beans as Shangri-La Coffee.

Which you pick is up to you. Either way you can rest assured that you are getting the worlds very best premium Kopi Luwak coffee! Make your choice below: